Tuesday 24 November 2009

Historical Fashion Review

Fashion Show November 2009
"Wow"! seemed to be the reaction from all the audience at the Historical Fashion Review at TORM last weekend. We've had lots of e-mails all ready. C.B wrote
 "My friends and I ALL forgot to bring our cameras with us, which was very annoying.   It was a marvellous parade and it was great to be able to talk to people and to see the costumes at close hand and pick up some tips.   You are all so talented!"  Even the participants  had a great time, which is lovely as they all donate their time and expertise gratis. Some of the ensembles in the review were truly amazing and we  thank all the other costumiers for their efforts. Debbie Lough Costumes, My Lady's Wardrobe, Harman Hay, Prior Attire, Sarah Gilkes, Cloak'd & Dagger'd, Anne Laverick, Janes' Wardrobe, Amourclass,  Jo Badger Historic Costumes and Dressing History. Other organisations helped as well, Chris Bruce from Plantaganet Events, Ian Pyecroft from Black Knight Historical, Kirsty Sherwood and Rachel  Wanklin from Tamworth Castle,  Lin from Birmingham Museum and a big thank you to all the costumiers customers and models, who 'strutted their stuff' (but VERY elegantly!). Thanks to all the 'dressers', stage managers, sound and light technicians who helped put some extra features into the show.
Apart from the fashion show, we met some of our 'mail order' customers from abroad for the first time. It was lovely to meet you all and we hope you enjoyed your stay in England. This show is getting very cosmopolitan and the number of visitors from other countries is astounding!

Sunday 1 November 2009

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

A Town criers' clothing from the early part of the 18th Century. The client is the crier for Castle Donnington, a town in the midlands, which has had a town crier since the late 1200's!
 This position going back so far, Terry decided that he ought to have an earlier costume than most town criers, who usually decide on a  coachmans  coat  from the regency or early victorian - and because he liked the style!

I am aware that this blog is read in over 20 countries, so I'd better explain what a 'crier' did.
Really, he was  a town officer who made public proclamations, normally using a trumpet or bell to gain the attention of the crowd, before bellowing the news or public notices as loudly as he possibly could! Usually announcing his presence by shouting 'Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! (or similar, it seems nobody can decide or find out what was originally done)!

Competitions are held throughout Britain for the loudest and best dressed crier - We think that Terry is in with a shout - for both categories!