Sunday 24 May 2009

A World Wide Web

I suppose I should be used to it by now, but I'm still astonished by how our customers find us. The web means that your work can be seen by anybody, anywhere, anytime which is just mind-blowing , if you think about it! I came to this technology fairly late and took to it like, well, a duck to petrol! Still, I'm learning.
Our web albums are now the favourites of people from Minnesota to Munich and Korea to Clapham. We're getting some nice comments from people worldwide. At the moment, we have orders on the books from America, Italy, Poland, Australia and on the list goes. If it wasn't for Captain Arthur Phillip (see above), I don't think that Australia would be on the list, or perhaps it would be a Dutch uniform, as the dutch were very interested in the area and it was only a matter of time - who got there first. Phillip was the first Governor of New South Wales, lead the first colonisation of Australia and founded the city of Sydney.
Quite a difficult commission this as we had to work to a mannequin - without having access to it - which made things rather strange, as most mannequins don't have normal human standard sizes! There are bumps where there shouldn't be - and 'bits' missing where there should! You also have to build differently as you don't need 'ease', but you do want it to look good in the decided 'stance'. Research was also intensive, there being no extant 'Admirals undress uniform 1814' to work from.
Must go, got to answer an e-mail from Berlin!